The Landscape Company (N.I.) Ltd is a bespoke garden design, landscape construction and planting company based in South Belfast.

We can design, create and erect all forms of garden structures and surfaces, or plant out your borders to suit your style.

At The Landscape Company we work only with private clientele. We can design, create and erect all forms of garden structures and surfaces, or plant out your borders to suit your style. We are fully insured, qualified and experienced in all forms of landscaping and are members of the Association of Landscape Contractors of Ireland.


Everybody wants to make the most of their outdoor space, but knowing where to start can be a real challenge. Here at The Landscape Company we’ll nourish your ideas propagated from your needs, lifestyle and aspirations. Then together with a little garden alchemy we’ll fashion a unique tailored space all of your own. All our design- led garden plans are digitally hand drawn and come with a bill of quantities.


Plants mould the space and form the atmosphere of a garden. Their attributes of hanging scent in the air, attracting wildlife, forming a screen or harmonising with your garden’s style are key. Here at The Landscape Company we love nothing more than creating beautiful, inviting spaces with our intimate knowledge and love of plants.


Paving is the backbone to all gardens, so it’s paramount in getting the size, shape and surface correct first time. Here at The Landscape Company we have the skill and experience to lay the many forms of surface that’s right for your area. Natural stone, porcelain and concrete paving are all within our remit. We can tie in your new paving to complement your home’s external appearance or blend in with your living space’s flooring, for that continuity.

Walls and screens

Before you start trying to think outside the box, maybe a little thought to the box itself might be a good start. Walls, fences and screens play an important role in the personality of the garden. Not only do they keep children in (or out), they can divide the garden into new and interesting spaces or act as a foil to planting.


A deck’s versatility should never be underrated, whether you’re looking to create a level area on a slope, searching for a cost- effective way to landscape your space or soften the volume of hardscaping, using timber and composite decking materials can be the perfect choice.

Water features and accessories

Water can enliven a garden or make it a tranquil oasis .Every garden style has its most appropriate type of water feature and is an opportunity for creating something unique. Likewise, accessories acting as focal points can punctuate the space. Our remit covers, garden lighting, seating, arches, firepits, pergolas, garden art, Corten steel planters and decorative plant supports.

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