Phase 1

Initial contact

Our initial conversation will consist of taking the time to get to know you, your lifestyle, your needs, a basic description of the space, design fee and budget. If you’re in the dark about budget, have no worries, guidance and information is available. Then it’s just a matter of finding a suitable time to meet up for a consultation.

Phase 2


The design process starts with a site visit and initial consultation. The consultation is free of charge. The priority here is to obtain a thorough understanding of your aspirations and needs for the garden, as well as getting a feel for the existing space. Following this I will outline the design process, a summary of your goals for the space, your budget, fee and payment structure of the plan and build with an estimated start date and schedule of works.

Phase 3


Weather and time permitting, most, but not all surveys are usually undertaken directly after the initial consultation. We carry out a topographical survey of the site, which captures both the layout of the site as well as all levels and utilities.

Phase 4

Design and Price

All of your goals are prioritised and drawn up as a provisional line drawing. At this point I produce a Bill of Quantities and make amendments, deductions, substitutions or additions to the plan and quote. After this operation the plan and price will balance with your budget and needs. Your 2D plan is then rendered, mood boards are created, planting plan completed (if required) and quote formalised.

Phase 5


An onsite presentation of the plan, material samples and a run through of the quotation provides an opportunity for amendments and final changes to be made before the final approval. At this point, if you wish, we invite you to visit and meet with a previous client.

Phase 6

The Build

The majority of landscaping works are undertaken by The Landscape Company team albeit some jobs require specialist professionals like electricians or plumbers. We work with a range of trusted contractors, or you are welcome to use a contractor of your choosing. Whatever you chose, we will work with them in a synchronised way.

Phase 7

Planting and Styling

We source plants only from trusted specialist growers whom we’ve built long relationships with. I personally inspect plants, for pests, diseases and disorders and place them out for planting. We can also source and supply pots, planters, furniture, sculpture and other styling elements. At the end of every job I’ll walk around with you to list what plant are where and answer any questions you may have.

Phase 8


We’re only a call, text or email away if you have any queries about your plants or hard landscaping. We also offer an aftercare service on our hard and soft landscaping works tailored to your needs.

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